Human Milk vs. Raw Cow’s Milk

Human Milk vs. Raw Cow’s Milk

Human Milk:

  • Designed to feed brain and nerve growth
  • At 4 weeks of development, growth is 1 million cells per second (if continued at this rate for 9 months, the baby would be 1.5 tons by birth)

Raw Cow’s Milk:

  • More for Skeletal Growth
  • Can grow a baby calf 300-500 pounds in one year
  • Has 6 times the mineral content, and 4 times the protein of Human Milk.  Such heavily concentrated milk is extremely hard for infants to digest.  Can’t digest cow’s milk after 2 years old.  If you continue to drink it after 2 years old, it will get stored in the tissues and clog up the lymphatic system and glands
  • We lack the enzymes to break down cow’s milk, so we get increased mucus production.  Cow’s milk now becomes highly irritating to the mucosa of the GI tract.  Cow’s milk is the most mucous forming food on the planet.  You mix this with starch, and you cause heavy muciod plaque to build up on the intestinal walls.  One of the reasons for this is because Casein (milk protein) is used as one of the most tenacious adhesive glues for gluing wood together.
  • There is a lot more calcium than magnesium.  Since you need magnesium to properly absorb calcium, this adds to the lack of utilization of calcium in cow’s milk (we actually utilize for calcium from fruit juice than we do from cow’s milk)
  • Cow’s Milk has 300% more Casein (milk protein) than in Human milk.

Did you know Casein makes up 87% of cow’s milk, and it strongly promotes all stages of cancer (this statement is from “The China Study”, the largest nutritional study ever conducted in the world)
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