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Sports Adjusting

We adjust the Hands, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Hips, Pelvis, Knees, Feet, Ankles, and Femurs…along with the neck and back of athletes.

Family Wellness

Detailed Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting, Wellness Care, Pediatrics and more designed to improve your over-all well being.

Muscle Work

We provide On-Site Chiropractic with the needed muscle/soft tissue work which can help reduce stress and improve body structure.

Corporate Wellness

We provide On-Site Chiropractic care and workshops direct to your business to help increase productivity within your work force.

Head To Toe Mobile Chiropractic
Helping Others Build Their Foundation

Welcome to Head To Toe Mobile Chiropractic. My name is Dr. Michael Jefferson and I am a board certified Chiropractor based out of Parkland, FL. My mobile practice specializes in chiropractor services in South Florida, ranging from Sports Adjusting (knee, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, foot, thigh bones…can even adjust the tailbone), to muscle work; such as, Anatomy Trains, Orthomassage, Active-Release, Stretching, and Post Isometric Reduction.

Get Expert Chiropractic Care Delivered Direct to You.

Many have asked me why I decided to keep my practice as mobile oinly. One of the main benefits of offering in-home services is that it allows us the opportunity to spend the maximum amount of time needed to address your health issues rather than rushing you through appointments. Without the overhead of an office with staff, this makes the process streamlined and efficient for both me and the patient. It is for this reason we base our fees on time alone.

Why Choose Us?

You will get real, immediate, life-changing results with our service. No BS. We do the fundamentals really well, mixed in with advanced muscle/soft tissue work. This makes for an extremely powerful combination.

15+ Years Of Experience

Board-Certified Chiropractor

Fully licensed & Insured

We Travel Direct To You

Low Overhead Lower Prices

We Are Rated
5 Stars

Meet Dr. Michael Jefferson

Dr. Michael Jefferson is a Board-Certified Chiropractor based out of Parkland, FL He enjoys mixing Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Muscle/ Soft tissue work to get the body and mind into Ideal Functional Wellness. Dr. Jefferson also conducts Corporate Wellness for various corporations. Contact us to schedule an Ergonomics presentation for your company, with lots of muscle and chiropractic demonstrations….never a boring speech

Patient Reviews

We treat our patients like Gold, and will do everything to make sure you are satisfied with your service. If you are not a patient yet, but do follow us on social media…we will try to put the best content on there to help build your foundation.

Dr. Jefferson is legit

Good Morning! My 2013 season was plagued by hamstring issues. So this offseason my advisor referred me to Dr. Jefferson. My hamstrings, quads, ankles and everything else feel much better after doing a few sessions a week with Dr. Jefferson. He's legit and I can't thank him enough for getting my body ready for the 2014 NFL season

Demarcus Van Dyke

NFL Cornerback

Dr. Jefferson is one of the best Chiropractors in the entire South Florida area

His deep knowledge of his craft and his adjustment techniques are second to none. He is not your run-of-the-mill type Chiropractor. He takes time in understanding my pain and employed the right type of technique to release my body pains. My suggestion is to call first and get an appointment because he has a lot of patients that follow him in whatever office he is assigned. Great doc and absolute gentle touch. Release your pain and see Dr. Michael Jefferson at Head to Toe Chiropractic.

Edwin Mangila

Investor - Hollywood, Florida

Dr. Jefferson explains what you could do to fix the issue.

Dr. Jefferson explains what’s giving your body stress. He also explains what you could do to fix the issue. A mobile chiropractor is truly beneficial.

Guerline Toussaint

Tamarac, Fl

Thanks to Dr. Jefferson, my ankle is no longer suffering from pain now

Dr. Jefferson is an excellent chiropractor for years I was suffered for an old injury in my ankle, thanks to Dr. Jefferson my ankle is no longer suffering from pain now I can be able to walk without pain. I recommend Dr. Jefferson 1000%.

Rose O

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl

He's been well known for this thorough examinations

Dr. Jefferson has given me and my clientele services for over four years ranging from high school to college athletes. He’s been well known for his thorough examinations. Me and my guys have always enjoyed his treatments and see it as a long lasting relationship.

Donovan Carter


Be pain-free without the medicine

I recently had an appointment with Head to Toe Chiropractic. I was seen by Dr. Michael Jefferson. I have had the unique opportunity of being under Chiropractic care for the past 40 years. My father is a Chiropractor in Iowa. I have been in Florida for a short period of time as we relocated here for business.

I will tell you that Dr. Jefferson is an exceptional adjuster. I have seen many Chiropractors in my day and with the exception of my Father (personal bias noted) Dr. Jefferson has given me the best adjustment I have had in many years. Dr. Jefferson is very attentive and listens to your needs.

The overall value of Head to Toe Chiropractic office is unbelievable, so it is really convenient to get in for an adjustment.

Take if from someone who has had regular Chiropractic adjustments for most of his will be in good hands here. Don't hesitate any longer, get in here and be pain-free without medication that simply masks your problem. Chiropractic works, let it work for you!!

Thanks Dr. Jefferson for a job well done.

Corey Niehaus

Miami, Fl USA

Made sure I wasn't in any pain during the session

Dr. Jefferson was great. Came to my home and adjusted all of the areas that needed to be adjusted. Very friendly. Made sure I wasn't in any pain during the session. Highly recommend!!


DeAndre Pinckney

Basketball Player and future NBA player University of Southern Mississippi

No one can do what this man does

Awesome experience. I have been following Dr. Jefferson for several years now. He is the only one that provides the relief I need for my lower back. I have tried many other Chiropractors and no one can do what this man does. I highly recommend Dr. Jefferson

David Botero

Davie, FL

Dr. Jefferson is the BEST.

Dr. Jefferson is the BEST. I've had alignment issues so everything hurts. I have plantar fascia with heel spurs. I FEEL BETTER THAN IN MY 20'S NOW. Let's just say I'm retired but finally I am living pain free. Bless you Dr. J.

Catherine Juran

Tamarac, FL

Dr. Jefferson helped me when nobody did

He helped me when nobody did...although there are more than 7,000 kilometers between us...Thank you!!

Abdou Chaib

Toursit from India

Dr. Jefferson is by far the best chiropractor that has ever done work on me

Dr. Jefferson is by far the best Chiropractor that has ever done work on me. I'm an old Karate and Judo guy with a lot of injuries and a back that's like a brick wall. Doc was not only able to manipulate my back, which most can not do, but as he's listed on his site..Head to Toe...he's able to do your wrists, digits, knees, shoulder, and neck. He does it all. I can't say enough great things about this man.

Mike Mitchell

Davie, FL - Retired US Navy

I went to 2 other doctors and they both said there was nothing wrong with me

I would definitely recommend Dr. Michael Jefferson to family, friends, and strangers. He is very kind, caring, and an intelligent person. He continues to ask about my condition. I went to 2 other doctors and they both said there was nothing wrong with me. He diagnosed my condition in a very short time, explaining what had happened to me and named the condition. He gave me exercises to help and explained what to do to feel better and heal! I can tell you today I feel so much better which made me feel great

Debra Ackerman

Boca Raton, FL

No other Chiropractor was able to help me like Dr. Jefferson did

I met Dr. Michael Jefferson 2 years ago when I was having severe shoulder and back pain. Today, I am feeling much better, thanks to Dr. Jefferson. His methods used to fix my problems were various stretching, massages, and adjustments. He is very caring and patient. I would recommend Dr. Jefferson to family and friends. No other Chiropractor was able to help me like Dr. Jefferson did.

Alwen Gillings

Coral Springs, FL

Dr. Jefferson treated me while I was on vacation in Naples, Fl

Dr. Jefferson treated me while I was on vacation in Naples, Fl. His knowledge was very good. His professional approach allowed us to connect immediately. I did not feel rushed during the treatment. He was kind enough to bring his Chiropractic table (which was very heavy) to our place on the second floor. I am very lucky to find Dr. Jefferson and will use his services in the future for sure

Piotr Czerepaniak

Tourist - London, England

Dr. Jefferson adjusted me while I was staying in Lithuania

Dr. Jefferson adjusted me while I was staying in Lithuania. He is a great Chiropractor!! Very professional. His hands to miracles. Highly recommend.

Giedre Daban

Perth, Western Australia

It truly takes a passion for healing to be that talented

The most thorough, knowledgeable and kind Chiropractor I've ever had the pleasure of being adjusted by. First, Dr. Jefferson takes the time to speak with you about what your issues are. Then he does a few pain and sensitivity assessments, and then the magic happens. With skilled experience and precision, Dr. Jefferson will combine his vast understanding of muscles and bones, to adjust your body, from head to toe and leave you feeling brand new. It truly takes a passion for healing to be that talented.

Asia Ashanti

Coral Springs, FL

Dr. Jefferson is a true professional

Dr. Jefferson is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable. I had horrible pain from Sciatica where I was barely walking. He adjusted and stretched me. He also taught me how to stretch myself. I would recommend him as a great Chiropractor

Giedre Jones

Miami, FL

Dr. Jefferson's information saved me from Crohn's disease

I follow Head To Toe Chiropractic on Instagram. Honestly, their page has helped me with my condition a lot!!! Also, when I message Dr. Jefferson directly, he always responds to me in the same day. I recommend their page to my beloved ones, and they're all thankful for the efforts and infos they learned from him.
I want to say to Dr. Jefferson that his help, kind efforts, and concerns are highly appreciated.

I was his Instagram patient 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I stuck to the plan you gave me and all the treatments. Thank god I met you!!

Because of you, I recovered. Because of you, I healed. Because of you, my Crohn's disappeared.

Yesterday I was your patient, and today I am a healer and a specialist. Thanks for your help, your kindness, and your support. Thank you...more than words could ever show

Madhawi Carpenter

Alasimah, Kuwait

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