the science behind dry fasting

the science behind dry fasting

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All information, if not cited already….is from Dr. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging, Intramural Research Program National Institute of Aging, Professor of Neuroscience at John Hopkins University.

Information is also obtained from Giedruis Kasiulynas.  The man who was paralyzed, and once started walking with other therapies….claimed to get better with fasting.  He is an administrator on the Master Fast System

Information is also obtained from the Founder of the Master Fast System on Facebook, Luigi Gino Di Sergio.

It takes 10-12 hours for you liver to use up all it’s sugar storage.  Most people don’t go 10-12 hours without eating, so this storage is never used up.  When your cells are finally done with digestion, and the sugar storage is used up, the cells can now turn towards healing

If you get the sugar storage used up, then your body starts burning fat and produces ketone bodies.

What are Ketones?  How to they help with Nerves?  Can they suppress Seizures?

Ketones produce an alternative fuel to the neurons that boost these neuron’s energy levels.  This is because fasting increases the production of proteins in the brain called Neurotropic factors (exercising and Intermittent Dry Fasting produces this).  It is these factors that promote the growth of neurons, the connection of neurons, and the strengthening of the synapses.

Fasting puts such a stress on the body and the brain.  The brain adapts by activating adaptive stress response pathways that help the brain cope with stress and resist disease:

  • Nerves get protected during fasts
  • Nerve cell circuits are more active
  • Enhances nerve cell to repair DNA
  • Increases the number of mitochondria to the nerve cells (exercising increases the mitocondria to the muscle cells)
  • Increases production of new nerve cells from Stem cells (at least in the Hippocampus)

Yes, Ketones suppress seizures.  A Seizure is a disorder in which nerve activity in the brain is disturbed.  Ketones produce Neurotropic Factors which promote the growth of neurons, the connection of neurons, and the strengthening of the synapses.

Can Dry Fasting increase learning and memory?

Fasting puts a stress on the body, and the neurons respond by increasing mitochondria.  This increases the ability of neurons to form and monitor synapses (the space between nerve cells that the nerve energy must jump)  This increases learning and memory.

How does this compare to other methods of Detoxification?

1 day of Dry Fasting is equivalent of 10 days of juice fasting.  In juice fasting, you are still using digestion….so you are taking away from the healing energy.

1 day of Dry Fasting is equivalent of 3 days of water fasting.  Water actually stresses the kidneys.  In Dry Fasting, the kidneys are working overtime.  So we drink certain things to support the kidneys during this process.  You don’t want to stress them out.

Why do you want the Kidneys filtering?

If you have a dirty pool, what do you start with first?…………the filters.  You are not going to try to clean your pool without cleaning the filters first.  Your kidneys are your filters.  This must be addressed.  If your detox program does not involve getting the kidneys to filter, you are wasting time and money.

I know of MANY people that are Fruitarians that never got their kidneys filtering.  My wife and I are some of them.  We did eventually when we switched to oranges primarily with lemon and cayenne pepper shots…and ginger shots.  See for yourself:

Kidneys filtering

But once we started Dry Fasting, our Kidneys have opened up even more.  It is like opening the flood gates.  It is amazing.  Nothing compares to it.

Dry Dry Fasting (no water contact at all, no eating at all, no drinking window), you turn each cell in your body into little incinerators, burning the toxins inside the cell (when you do a couple Dry Dry’s, this happens)

Can you regenerate your Immune System with Dry Fasting?

Fasting for as little as 3 days can regenerate the entire Immune System.  Scientists at the University of Southern California found that fasting turns on a regeneration switch which makes the stem cells create new white blood cells.
When you fast, your body has to save energy.  One of the ways to do this is to recycle the Immune Cells that are not needed, or damaged…….gaining you a new Immune System
With prolonged fasting, the white blood cell count goes down.  It is this depletion that triggers the stem cells to regenerate white blood cells.
The scientists even state fasting for 72 hours also protects cancer patients against the toxic impact of chemotherapy.  Fasting also reduces the enzyme PKA, which increases tumor growth and cancer growth
Professor Valter Longo
Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California.