We Have A Clear Mission

Our mission is to make a website that provides help. Whether you are just looking for information, or you are desperate to find help for a loved one. For the latter situation, I have been in your shoes (for YEARS). If you are in either situation, I am proud to say that this website will not let you down.

For instance, the raw food center and fasting center is great. But it won’t fix a virus/parasitic issue (trust me….been there, done that….many times). But I give you the contact person that will deal with that issue successfully. And you will not be doing a raw food diet or fasting with his protocol (but maybe a Candida Free Diet).

That is because of overgrowth of Candida shuts down the HCL production of the stomach, encouraging parasites to take over the body. So as you are killing parasites, you don’t want a situation that encourages them to thrive

I do not get any compensation for any of this info. I just wanted a site that can help people honestly. I never found one that could help my wife... so I made one.

Chiropractic Science

Definition of Chiropractic – There are innate forces within you that are the true healers. These forces control the nervous system (your brain and spinal cord).  Your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body Chiropractic simply wants the nervous system to control and coordinate everything at 100%.  We do this by working on the structure of the body.  

Chiropractic Research

Here is practical real world information about the advantages of chiropractic care in a wide variety of areas such as anti-aging, brain, pregnancy, energy, wellness, and more.

The Raw Food Center

Most of the information below is from Dr. Robert Morse ND. This entire site is designed to give a desperate person help. I was desperate in trying to find help for my wife…when no one wanted to find a cure (only symptom relief). To my best knowledge, this website does this. I don’t make any money on any of this information, so you don’t have to be worried about me trying to sell you anything. Real stuff below:

The Fasting Center

Fasting is a great way to detox your body.   This is general advice.  My wife has a lot of viruses/parasites causing her neurological issues.  Raw Food worked in the beginning, but then hit a plateau.  Fasting did nothing for the viruses.  If you have a serious issue, it could be viruses/parasities. 

Ergonomic Tips

Your chin should be tucked. This stretches the suboccipital muscles.  These are the muscles at the base of your skull.  This is the functional centerpiece to all the muscles that run parallel to the spinal column.  It is also functional centerpiece to the hamstrings, calves, and bottom of the feet.  All these regions respond to the conditions at the base of the skull

Your ear hole and your shoulders should line up in the same plane.  This is neutral position.  For every inch your head is forward from neutral position, it is like adding 10 pounds on your head.


Please don’t hold your phone with your shoulder when you talk.  We can not tell you how many office workers’ skulls we have to adjust on a weekly basis, and treat the related musculature

To correct slouching

The best way we know how to correct this to get a non-elastic back up chair from nadachair.com This actually keeps all your spinal curves in the correct position.

First of all, get the center of your keyboard the same height as your elbow. 

We would suggest the mouse and the keyboard be at the same height as well, and that the keyboard is tilted back 10 degrees so the wrist is flat

You want to minimize wrist movements, so we suggest you move the mouse sensitivity all the way up.  You want to move the mouse with your arm, not your wrists.  

The top of the screen (not the top of the monitor itself) must be at or slightly below eye level

When looking at the middle of the screen, your eyes should look only slightly downward

Tilt back the monitor 10 to 20 degrees.  If you don’t carry around a protractor, that is ok.  Have the bottom of the monitor just above the keyboard.  

A good rule of thumb:  Keep the monitor at an arms distance.  You should barely be able to touch the monitor with an outstretched hand.  But the larger the screen, the more distance you will want.

Why this rule of thumb works:

Try it for yourself.  Try the finger to nose test.  The closer your finger gets to your nose, the more eye strain you get.  So it makes sense to keep the monitor farther away from your eyes.  

You want to position your chair slightly more than 90 degrees.  Basically, you want your hips higher than your knees.  We know of pilots that sit with their knees higher than their hips.  

If the knees are higher than your hips, you will contract your major hip flexor muscle…called the Psoas Major.  This will cause lower back pain.  

This muscle attaches to ALL the low back discs and low back spinal bones.  When contracted, it will compress your discs and your low back spinal bones.  

Your Elbows should be at their sides, at 120 degrees or more.  This will allow for better blood flow.  This is because the brachial artery bifurcates (breaks into 2 arteries) in front of the elbow joint.  It bifurcates into the radial and ulnar arteries.  

So by putting your elbows in a more correct position, you help your blood circulation in this important area.

If you are like us, you don’t walk around with a protractor (although we did in our Radiology Classes back in school).  So we suggest keeping your arms at your sides with slightly more than a 90 degree bend.  

An even better way to remember this angle is to just keep the center of your keyboard level with the height of the elbow.  

We believe the information on this site is second to none. If I feel this site can not help, I will give you contact information of someone that can.

-Dr. Michael Jefferson