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He’s been well known for this thorough examinations

Dr. Jefferson has given me and my clientele services for over four years ranging from high school to college athletes. He’s been well known for his thorough examinations. Me and my guys have always enjoyed his treatments and see it as a long lasting relationship.

Be pain-free without the medicine

I recently had an appointment with Head to Toe Chiropractic.  I was seen by Dr. Michael Jefferson.  I have had the unique opportunity of being under Chiropractic care for the past 40 years.  My father is a Chiropractor in Iowa.  I have been in Florida for a short period of time as we relocated here for business.

I will tell you that Dr. Jefferson is an exceptional adjuster.  I have seen many Chiropractors in my day and with the exception of my Father (personal bias noted) Dr. Jefferson has given me the best adjustment I have had in many years.  Dr. Jefferson is very attentive and listens to your needs.

The overall value of Head to Toe Chiropractic office is unbelievable, so it is really convenient to get in for an adjustment.

Take if from someone who has had regular Chiropractic adjustments for most of his life…you will be in good hands here.  Don’t hesitate any longer, get in here and be pain-free without medication that simply masks your problem.  Chiropractic works, let it work for you!!

Thanks Dr. Jefferson for a job well done.

No one can do what this man does

Awesome experience.  I have been following Dr. Jefferson for several years now.  He is the only one that provides the relief I need for my lower back.  I have tried many other Chiropractors and no one can do what this man does.  I highly recommend Dr. Jefferson

Dr. Jefferson is the BEST.

Dr. Jefferson is the BEST. I’ve had alignment issues so everything hurts. I have plantar fascia with heel spurs. I FEEL BETTER THAN IN MY 20’S NOW. Let’s just say I’m retired but finally I am living pain free. Bless you Dr. J.