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Our Prices


 Chiropractic Fees

No hidden fees.      Straightforward.      No nonsense.

New Patient:  $150

Existing Patients:  $100

Our new patient sessions approximately 60 minutes in duration and represent a typical session with Dr. Jefferson

For new patients, The initial visit consists of a brief health history, physical evaluation.  Included is spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation if needed, myofascial therapy, stretching, and any nutritional counseling if needed.  

Existing patients only:  Brief sessions are reserved for chiropractic maintenance patients only.  These sessions are up to 30 minutes in duration and consists of spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation (if needed), myofascial therapy, stretching, and any nutritional counseling if needed.   

Or we have packaged deals:

 $400 for 5 treatments 

$800 for 10 treatments

One of the main benefits of offering in-home services is that it allows us the opportunity to spend the time needed to address your health issues rather than rushing you through appointments.  It is for this reason we base our fees on time.   

Corporate Prices:

$30 an employee, minimum 10 employees a day

Packaged deals can be shared with whoever you want.  And they never expire!!

We do not accept Insurance.  We keep our overhead low.  

  • We don't put you on different therapies to pad the insurance bill
  • No hidden fees

You do get real, immediate, life-changing results with our service.  No BS.  We do the fundamentals really well, mixed in with advanced muscle/soft tissue work.  This makes for an extremely powerful combination.  Please read our testimonials and see for yourself.

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