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Our Prices

Corporate Prices:

$30 an employee, minimum 10 employees a day

Non- Corporate Prices:

Cost of each treatment is $100.  (if out of range....$125)

For each additional family member on the same visit, it is only $50 extra

Or we have packaged deals:

 $400 for 5 treatments, or $800 for 10 visits.   If out of range, then $500 for 5 treatments, or $1000 for 10 treatments.  Each treatment includes full-spine, extremity adjustments, muscle/soft tissue work, and any needed nutritional counseling.  We are there for about an hour.  You will never feel rushed.  All adjustments also include the benefits seen on the bottom of this page.

What is Out of Range?

South of Miami Gardens Drive and North of Boynton Beach Blvd

Packaged deals can be shared with whoever you want.  The person who initially signs up for the package is considered the "primary patient".  Only the primary patient can add or subtract names from the list of people who can use the package.  And they never expire!!

We do not take insurance.  This is one of the ways we keep our overhead low.  With don't have any fancy equipment or an Insurance Office with billers.  When you hire Head to Toe Chiropractic, you will see our operation.  We go to your office/home/ or hotel with the following:

  • Old school Doctor's Bag with medical examination and diagnostic equipment
  • Portable Chiropractic Table
  • Muscle and Soft Tissue Work instruments, but usually manual treatments work well
  • A portable "Drop" board for shoulders and femurs (thigh bone)
  • And a Chiropractic adjusting instrument if you don't like manual adjustments 

We are also bringing an advanced understanding of the muscle/soft tissue framework, and the diagnostics to tell exactly what needs to be adjusted.

You do get real, immediate, life-changing results with our service.  No BS.  We do the fundamentals really well, mixed in with advanced muscle/soft tissue work.  This makes for an extremely powerful combination.  Please read our testimonials and see for yourself.


What are the benefits of an adjustment?

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