Are you experiencing muscle soreness or pain?

We provide On-Site Chiropractic with the needed muscle/soft tissue work which can help reduce stress and improve body structure. Along with the Chiropractic adjustments, We will do all the muscle/soft tissue work needed.  If there is scar tissue (adhesions) in the joints (determined by a simple range of motion test), we will manually break it up (pain-free) to restore motion.

Don't just take the pain, call us to take it away!

If you hire Head to Toe Chiropractic, Dr. Jefferson will arrive at your home/office/hotel and will start with an exam.  Then he will perform leg checks.  This actually lets your subconscious tell him what and how something is out of place…and corrects it This is how he gets real, immediate, life-changing results.  It sounds crazy.  But check out the Testimonials.  We can also break up scar tissue manually (and pain-free) within the joint itself.

Injured while running or at the gym? We have 15+ years of experience. Call Head to Toe Chiropractic and we'll fix your ailments. (954) 825-1004