Scientific Evidence why Wellness Care is needed.

Scientific Evidence why Wellness Care is needed.

Your joints will deteriorate if your joints are fixed in one place for too long.

Facets are part of the spinal bones that allow them to stack up on one another.  When they stack up, they stack up on the Facet joints

In animal studies, it has been found that in begining in less than 1 week, fixation of Facet joints for 4-8 weeks causes degenerative changes and bony spurs (Osteophytes) formation of the articular surfaces with facet articular surface degeneration.

In fact, when the Facet joints were fixated, this resulted in synovial fibrotic adhesions that:

In 4 weeks…progressed to mild adhesions.  It can be hypothesized in humans, that there is a time period when adhesions are forming and THERE ARE NO CLINICAL SYMPTOMS. This supports weekly or monthly Chiropractic adjustments, despite no presence of symptoms.

Additionally, 4 weeks of joint immobilization causes a time-dependent loss of neurons that become progressively worse


In 8 weeks…progressed to moderate adhesions

In 12 weeks…progressed to severe adhesions


When the joints get immobilized, it has been shown that this causes:

muscle weakness, atrophy, and fatty infiltration and deposition into muscle

It is demonstrated that the spinal adjustment gaps the facet joints which may break up adhesions.  This prevents the fibrotic or degenerative process to continue.  The research suggests that there may be a possibility of reversal of the neuronal degeneration and muscular weakness through adjustments and remobilization of the joint.


Chiropractic gives neurological and bio-mechanical changes.  Due to this,

it is both logical and scientifically accurate that monthly spinal adjustive care prevents the progression of adhesion formation, joint degeneration, neuronal changes, and changes in muscular strength and recruitment.

Journal of Chiropractic Humanities. 2011 Dec; 18(1): 74–85.

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