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The thigh is the Femur bone.  If you have a knee issue, chances are excellent that your femur bone is subluxated.  

Why work on just the knee joint for knee pain, when the femur makes up a large part of the knee joint...yet goes untreated?

The following are the subluxation patterns:

Anterior with Internal Rotation:  
Once your femur rotates internally, it has to shift anterior.  When your Gluteus Maximus and Minimus are too tight, it can cause the femur to go into this subluxation pattern.  These muscles have to be worked on, in our opinion.  

We use a drop piece to adjust this subluxation, with the patient face up on the table.  There are many techniques to accomplish this, but we choose the drop piece (mini table)

Posterior with External Rotation:

Once your femur rotates externally, it also has to shift posterior.  The lateral femur rotators have to worked on .  These muscles are the:

Superior/Inferior Gemellus
Obteratur Internus/Externus
Quadratus Femoris
Psoas Major
The Gluteus muscles

These muscles can cause the femur to rotate laterally.  By doing so, the femur also goes posterior.  We use a drop piece to adjust this subluxation.  The patient will be face down on the table for this procedure.  






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