The Protocol

Due to liability issues,trademark and/or copyright infringement.....I cannot list the protocol that my wife and I followed.  But you can access it right here:

Master Fast System Protocol

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In my experience on it, I got down to my high school weight of 145 lbs with ease.  I had nice washboard abs without working out.  

In my wife's experience, all it did was get her weak.  As of this writing, she is recovering from a severe neurological disease, but fasting did not help her, because her blood was stagnant and full of alot of bad stuff......Stuff that all the years of fruit, herbs, 7 day fast, 11 day fast, 40 day fast, and a 54 day fast did not corrrect

She is recovering from the items I listed under the "Ideal Diet for Humans" in the Raw Food Center

A lot of people are getting results from that sort of fasting, but it did not help her

You eventually have to address the cellular waste

The body can't keep storing it forever