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Shoulder Issues?  Get it corrected professionally.  Get it done right the first time.

How many doctors in Coral Springs actually know how to fix your shoulder problems?  Are they just using the standard treatment (ice, electric pads, ultrasound, etc)?  Do they know how to put the joint back to it's natural position, while correcting the joints that actually caused the problem? (example, 100% of shoulder problems are caused because a joint is misaligned between the shoulder blades)

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History of Coral Springs

Coral Springs is known as the Country in the City. It was chartered on July 10, 1963. In the 1970's, a lot of parks started springing up all around the city. Now we have over 50 municipal parks. This brought in a lot of sports (and sport injuries). We have over 25 amateur sport leagues in our city now.  There is a massive need for a doctor who excels in sport injuries.  

Dr. Michael Jefferson

Not only am I a Chiropractor, but I understand shoulder injuries.  I understand the history of treatment of shoulder injuries in Coral Springs.  I will treat your shoulder injury different.  I will not use the same old treatment (electric pads, ultrasound, ice, heat, etc).

I will use detailed shoulder adjustment techniques with advanced muscle and soft tissue work.

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