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Our Mission



Our mission is to make a website that provides help.  Whether you are just looking for information, or you are desperate to find help for a loved one.  For the latter situation, I have been in your shoes (for YEARS).  If you are in either situation, I am proud to say that this website will not let you down

We believe the information on this site is second to none.  If I feel this site can not help, I will give you contact information of someone that can.

  For instance, the raw food center and fasting center is great.  But it won't fix a virus/parasitic issue (trust me....been there, done that....many times).  But I give you the contact person that will deal with that issue successfully.  And you will not be doing a raw food diet or fasting with his protocol (but maybe a Candida Free Diet).

That is because of overgrowth of Candida shuts down the HCL production of the stomach, encouraging parasites to take over the body.  So as you are killing parasites, you don't want a situation that encourages them to thrive

I do not get any compensation for any of this info.  I just wanted a site that can help people honestly.  I never found one that could help my wife...............so I made one.



This Website is for you

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