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Chiropractic Helps With Movement Time

Chiropractic helps with movement time.

2 groups of subjects were studied for this prospective randomized, and controlled test:

  1. 10 patients who were determined to have vertebral subluxations, and got Chiropractic adjustments

  2. A separate group of people who did not receive Chiropractic adjustments, our control group

Movement time was measured on a computer screen where subjects were asked to move a cursor onto a target

The study showed that the group who received Chiropractic care had significantly improved movement time, with an average movement time of 183 miles per second.  This is a 9.2% improvement!!!!

The control group that did not receive Chiropractic only had one person in the group improve.  The others did not improve.  This one person improved to 29 miles per second.  This is only a 1.7%. Improvement.

The results suggest that spinal adjustments may influence motor behavior.

This has massive implications for anyone in the sports world

Information from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics


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