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Chiropractic and Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease 
Meniere’s Disease affects the inner ear.  It has the following symptoms:
1.        Vertigo
2.       Low frequency sensioneural (from inner ear, brain, or cranial nerve 8)     hearing loss
3.       Tinnitus
4.       Aural pressure
5.       Feelings of fullness or congestion in the ear
A 56-year old patient visited the Chiropractor with a 20-year old history of vertigo and dizziness.  He also presented with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral numbness and tingling of the feet, and pain and fullness in the left ear. 
Chiropractic care was started.  After 4 months of Chiropractic care, and auditory exam showed hearing improvement (especially with lower frequencies)
During his Chiropractic care period, he noticed improvements in multiple areas of his life, including improved ability to communicate to his family. 
In his 2 years follow up after starting Chiropractic, he reported improvements with memory, cognition, mood, sleep, coordination, allergies, immunity, reduced incidence of a cold or flu, and improved breathing. 
Annals of Vertebral Subluxation
November 25, 2013
Study documenting the improvement of Meniere’s Disease through Chiropractic Care