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Chiropractic Boosts the Immune System

Immune system and Chiropractic
Research was done that examined 107 people who had ongoing Chiropractic Care.  They also examined an average population not under Chiropractic Care.  This research also examined a population of people who were suffering from cancer
Results of study:
Immune function in cancer patients were 50% weaker than the Immune function than the average population
Population under long term Chiropractic Care had a rate of immunity 200% higher than the average population, and 400% higher than the population with cancer
Research performed by Dr. Ronald Petro, PhD.  
Chief of Cancer Prevention research at New York Preventive Medical Institute
Professor of Medicine Environmental Health at New York University
Feb 7, 2011 online news site called "All Voices"
article is named "Chiropractic Care Boost Immune system"