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This section really doesn't talk about the hip.  For the actually hip, click on the thigh section.  The reason we were deceptive is because of the following:


90% of the hip pain is not the hip.  It is actually the sacrum.  This is the bone between the 2 pelvis bones. 

The sacrum can subluxate a number of different ways:

Base Posterior- the Sacrum subluxates posterior on both the left and right side

Posterior Right-  the Sacrum subluxates posterior on the right.

Posterior Left- the Sacrum subluxates posterior on the left.  

This is probably the 2nd most important bone in your body, and the Atlas (first neck bone is the first).  Some people switch those two around.  We just make sure both are in alignment.  Every Chiropractor has techniques to address both bones.  

The muscle work we address with the low back, would be the same ones we address with this problem area as well:

Hamstrings (we stretch 3 of them here, but there are 4 hamstrings in total)
Gluteus Maximus
Gluteus Medius
Gluteus Minimus
Obturator Internus/Externus
Superior/Inferior Gemellus
Quadratus Femoris
Psoas Major
Quadriceps (4 of them)

There are 17 muscles above.  We will address these muscles with you.  Chiropractic gets great results with hip issues


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