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In 100% of our cases, if there is an elbow problem, there is a shoulder problem....100% of the time.  Elbows always respond to a shoulder problem (and 100% of the time, shoulder issues arise from between the shoulder blades)

A Chiropractor can assess the upper and mid back first, then the shoulder, then the elbows.  The elbow is composed of 2 bones, the Radius and the Ulna.  The Ulna can subluxate (misalign) posterior and medial.  The Radius can subluxate posteriorly.  

Muscle and Soft Tissue Work must be addressed as well, depending what type of muscle action elicits pain.  For instance, lets say you feel pain when your arm is not bent (straight) and you rotate your palm facing up....the Chiropractor would address the Supinator muscle.  

Now if you elicited pain when your elbow was bent at 90 degrees and you rotated your palm face up....the Chiropractor would address the Biceps Brachii muscle.  

If a practitioner just focuses on one joint, and not it's surrounding joints and muscles....they are doing a disservice to the patient, in our opinion

Keep your body in alignment.  Remeber, structure determines function, always.

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