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Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Birth Trauma

Upper Cervical and Chiropractic
This study evaluated more than 600 children, that were all under 2 years of age.  It shows why infants and children need Chiropractic.  
The authors of the study referred to a subluxation as "Kinematic Inbalances Due to Suboccital Strain" (KISS).  These are upper neck subluxations in new borns found at birth.  
The study talked about the pathogenic importance of asymmetric posture in small children.  (They just linked diseases to posture in this sentence)
This study noted that KiSS had a wide variety of clinical signs:
Unilateral face asymmetry
Neck Scoliosis
Motor Asymmetries
Unilateral retarted ambulated of hip joints
Slowed motor development
Sleeping disorders
Neck sensitivity
Face swelling
Fever of unknown origin
Loss of appetite
Feet deformities
Pathological reflexes
Range of motion diminished by 30% or more
Parent reporting baby does not eat or drink well
The risk factors to why these kids get KISS:
Intrauterine misalignment, application of extractionaids in delivery, prolonged labor and/or multiple fetuses..................or simply.....birth is the cause of KISS
The study noted that in many cases, KISS could be dealt with effectively with manual therapy.  
Biedermann H. "Kinematic Imbalances due to Subocciptial Strain in Newborns" J. Manual (1992) 6:151-156