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In whatever sport you are in, at whatever level, our job is to get you at your peak performance, and to keep you there.

We do this by performing very detailed extremity adjusting (shoulder, knees, wrists, ankles, etc) along with the neck and back.   See how detailed we are:

Detailed Extremity Adjusting

Along with the Chiropractic adjustments, We will do all the muscle/soft tissue work needed.  If there is scar tissue (adhesions) in the joints (determined by a simple range of motion test), we will manually break it up (pain-free) to restore motion.

How can we do this?

If you hire Head to Toe Chiropractic, you will see that we don't have fancy equipment. We show up at your office/home/or hotel with only the following:

  • Old school Doctor's Bag with examination equipment
  • Portable Chiropractic Table
  • A simple plastic piece for muscle/soft tissue work
  • A portable "Drop" board for shoulders and thighs (for pain-free adjusting)
  • And a Chiropractic adjusting instrument (that we rarely use).  

But the reason Head to Toe Chiropractic gets real, immediate, life-changing results is that we also bring an advanced understanding of the muscle/soft tissue framework.  We can also break up scar tissue manually (and pain-free) within the joint itself.  

By putting the joints in place how nature designed them, you decrease your chance of injury

Your brain and spinal cord need to know and direct your joints and muscles to move.  Sometimes in sports, they need to move it in a fraction of a second…..to avoid injury.

If the joints are misaligned, the coordination by the brain and spinal cord to move the joints correctly will be compromised.  This will slow you down and increase your chance of injury.  You will have impaired coordination.  Chiropractic increases your reflex time 9.2%.  That means you can react 9.2% faster in your sport.  This is a game-changer.  Don't live with impaired coordination.  

Get every joint aligned.  For example, don't play with a career-long knee problem when your thigh is partially displaced anteriorly and internally rotated (and no one noticed it)

Examples of disaster if you have impaired coordination

Lets say you just went up for a jump shot and as you’re in the air, a defender moves in to not give you room to land….

Let’s say you are at bat, and the pitcher gives you a little chin music (either accidentally or on purpose)…

Let’s say you are running back to your basket to defend against a layup, and now you are in the air flying towards the basket stanchion too fast…

The above examples all have happened already.  They are real life examples, and they all wish they could have reacted faster.  Those players all had an uphill battle to get back to the level they were accustomed to.  The average professional athlete does not have many years at this level.  Don't waste them with avoidable injuries.  Let Head to Toe Chiropractic do a detailed analysis and show you how we can help. 

There are numerous other real-life situations that have happened and will happen in the future.  But the fact is, your brain and spinal cord must coordinate and control your joints to react, sometimes in a fraction of a second, to avoid injury.

To best avoid injury, you need to increase your movement time...by getting every joint in your body aligned.  Let us help.  

Below is researched-based benefits from Chiropractic that will help you in your sport:

  • Chiropractic increases your movement time by an average of 183 miles per second, or 9.2%!!!!!!

See the Research

  • Chiropractic helps the brain control your muscles

See the Research

  • Chiropactic stops your fight or flight response and starts your relaxation response

See the Research

You sacrificed a lot to get to your level of sport.  Let Head to Toe Chiropractic keep you there, and prove to you that you can even get better. 

Read our patient's testimonials and you will see how detailed we are.  Please schedule an appointment today so we can get started.  

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