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Our wonderful patients are the reason we're in business.  

We treat our patients like Gold, and will do everything to make sure you are satisfied with your service.  If you are not a patient yet, but do follow us on social media...we will try to put the best content on there to help build your foundation.  

Here are some of the great things our patients and followers have said about us:

"Good morning! My 2013 season was plagued by hamstring issues. So this offseason my advisor referred me to Dr. Jefferson. My hamstrings, quads, ankles and everything else feel much better after doing a few sessions a week with Dr. Jefferson. He's legit and I can't thank him enough for getting my body ready for the 2014 NFL season"
Demarcus Van Dyke
NFL Cornerback
Oakland Raiders 2011
Pittsburgh Steelers 2012
Kansas City Chiefs 2014
Atlanta Falcons 2016

"I follow Head to Toe Chiropractic on Instagram.  Honestly, their page had helped me with my condition a lot!!  Also, when I message Dr. Jefferson directly, he always responds to me in the same day.  I recommend their page to my beloved ones, and they're all thankful for the efforts and infos they learned from him.  
I want to say to Dr. Jefferson that his help, kind efforts, and concerns are highly appreciated.  Thank you Dr."
Madhawi Carpenter
Alasimah, Kuwait

"Good day Dr. J.  I was your patient three years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  I stuck to the plan you gave me and all the treatments.  Thank god I met you!!
Because of you I recovered
Because of you I healed
Because of you my Crohn's disappeared.
Yesterday I was your patient, and today I am a healer and specialist.
Thanks for your help, your kindness, and your support.  
Thank you...more than words could ever show"
This is the second testimonial from:
Madhawi Carpenter
Alasimah, Kuwait  (now practicing as a healer and Detox Specialist in Greece)

"Dr. Jefferson is a true professional.  He is extremely knowledgeable.  I had horrible pain from Sciatica where I was barely walking.  He adjusted and stretched me.  He also taught me how to stretch myself.  I would recommend him as a great Chiropractor"
Giedre Jones
Miami, Fl

"The most thorough, knowledgeable and kind Chiropractor I've ever had the pleasure of being adjusted by.  First, Dr. Jefferson takes the time to speak with you about what your issues are.  Then he does a few pain and sensitivity assessments, and then the magic happens.  With skilled experience and precision, Dr. Jefferson will combine his vast understanding of muscles and bones, to adjust your body, from head to toe and leave you feeling brand new.  It truly takes a passion for healing to be that talented."
Asia Ashanti
Coral Springs, Fl

 "Dr. Jefferson adjusted me while I was staying in Lithuania.  He is a great Chiropractor!!  Very professional   His hands do miracles.  Highly recommended."
Giedre Daban
Perth, Western Australia

"Dr. Jefferson treated me while I was on vacation in Naples, Fl.  His knowledge was very good.  His professional approach allowed us to connect immediately.  I did not feel rushed during the treatment.  He was kind enough to bring his Chiropractic table (which was very heavy) to our place on the second floor.  I am very lucky to find Dr. Jefferson and will use his services in the future for sure."
Piotr Czerepaniak
London, England

"I met Dr. Michael Jefferson two years ago when I was having severe shoulder and back pain.  Today I am feeling much better, thanks to Dr. Jefferson.  His methods used to fix my problems were various stretching, massages, and adjustments.  He is very caring and patient.  I would recommend Dr. Jefferson to family and friends.  No other Chiropractor was able to help me like Dr. Jefferson did."
Alwen Gillings
Coral Springs, Fl

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Michael Jefferson to family, friends, and strangers.  He is a very kind, caring, and intelligent person.  He continues to ask about my condition.  I went to 2 other doctors and they both said there was nothing wrong with me.  He diagnosed my condition in a very short time, explaining what had happened to me and named the condition.  He gave me exercises to help and explained what to do to feel better and heal!  I can tell you today I feel so much better which made me feel great."'
Debra Ackerman
Boca Raton, Fl

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