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The research we used for the following information is derived from The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D, 2004.

I would recommend Dry Fasting first.  I would eat Fruit when you are not Dry Fasting.  You will eventually reach a plateau with Fruitarian way of living.  Plus you will turn into a bathroom machine.  This is not great if you are bedridden.  If this is you, consider going to the Fasting Center

Know your role in Nature

There is an argument that man is different.  That man has no diet specific to his species.  That we are the exception and that is what sets us apart from the rest of the natural world.  

Are we that arrogant to think ourselves alone and outside of nature?

The Human animal is confused as to what to eat

The only thing that sets man apart from the creatures that roam wild is that the human animal has broken every natural law known to man and nature.  

And we have all the disease and suffering to prove it.

Humans are classified as Anthropoid Apes

Anthropoid Apes are herbivores/frugivores

We were classified as Anthropoid Apes by the great taxonomist Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778).  This is confirmed by Dr. Walker of John Hopkins University

NY Times, May 15th, 1979

Anthropoid Apes have NONE of the characteristics of carnivores

See for yourself

We are not carnivores

If we were, both animal and plant foods would be appealing to all senses in its fresh, whole raw state.  If you think you are a carnivore, then eat a live animal.  You don't find that appealing.  

Instead, people that eat animal products hire a factory to kill and clean out the animal from the guts, blood, and other things.  Then they hire a butcher to chop up the animal in a certain way.  Then they hire a food company to package the animal product in a certain meal.  Then they hire the store to sell it to them. What you pay for this animal product, pays for all these peoples' services.  If you pay for this, you are contributing to this cycle.  

We are not Omnivores

Omnivores should be born with or develop everything it needs to be able to obtain its foods (claws, powerful jaws, speed to chase down animals, secrete uricase to break down uric acid)

Uric Acid is very abrasive and irritating, which inflames and damages tissues.  Too much prevents production of HCl and provides a toxic environment in which parasites live, and promotes Candida (antibiotics to the same).  By the way, one of the symptoms of having too much Candida is inability to lose weight.  An overgrowth of Candida causes food cravings.  

Humans are mostly Frugivore (fruit eating), and some Herbivore (plant eating)

One of the differences between the Frugivore and the Herbivore is Milk

See the Difference for yourself

Ideal Diet for Humans

  • Fresh, ripe raw fruits
  • Fresh, ripe raw veggies, particularly the tender leafy greens and shoots (example of shoots:  Celery, Asparagus, Globe Artichokes, Rhubard, Florence Fennel)
  • Small inclusion of unroasted nuts and seeds (but stay away from them until you heal your pancreas)

Difference between Raw Fruits and Raw Veggies


When you eat cooked food, meat, and dairy....you stop your detoxification process. When you eat raw foods....you automatically start your detoxification process.  So you can control how deep you want to go in a detoxification process.

When you start detoxifying your body, you could experience symptoms as your body is getting rid of toxins.  We have them divided into mild, moderate, and severe on the link below.

See Detox Symptoms

Energy Levels of Different Foods 

See Energy Chart

The Human Body, Simplified

We only have two fluids, blood and lymph

  • Blood- it is fast moving, easy to clean (compared to the lymph)
  • Lymph- it is slow moving.  It is the sewage system to all our 100 trillion cells.  Very tough to clean.  You have to get your Kidneys to filter if you want to clean your sewage system

In mainstream medicine, there is not much attention given to the lymphatic system.  In fact, scientists just found a lymphatic system in the brain in 2012, and another in 2014.  Before this, no one knew how the brain got rid of the acid waste.

Scientists found lymphatic system in brain in 2012
Scientist found another Lymphatic System in brain in 2014

If you want your Lymphatic System clean, you must get your kidneys to filter.

How to get your Kidneys to filter

  • Your cells are stuck in a certain place, meaning that can't travel to a bathroom.   They just eliminate their waste right where they are, and the lymphatic system collects the waste.  It is your body's Waste Management Company.
  • All disease begins to start when this gets clogged up

Things that clog up the Lymph System

  • Fruit is only FOOD that will clean it out.  But.....
  • Dry Fasting will really clean it out.  Please go to the Fasting Center to learn more

We currently have a health system that does not care about your food, and we have a food industry that does care about your health.  

That is not how we operate.  Dr. Jefferson travels around South Florida as a Raw Food/ Dry Fasting/ Chiropratic Speaker.  He will never try to push you into raw food or dry fasting, he will just give you the information to make your own decision.  

To book Dr. Jefferson for your Corporate Event, please call or email us.