Paralyzed Man walking due to Dry Fasting


Giedruis Kasiulynas on the left. My wife, Jurgita Jefferson on the right

One of the administrators of the Master Fast System, Giedrius Kasiulynas, was 80% paralyzed on one side of his body due to a parachuting which he fractured his first neck bone (the atlas).  He is now walking due to Dry Fasting.  See for yourself:

You can contact him at any time on the group called "Master Fast System" on Face book.  They are great people that give support.  They are trying to share this info to the world.  That is my objective as well.  Please help us.

I took him out to eat in Naples, Florida so I could see this for myself.  I had to see for myself, because I tend not to trust people with these claims.  I don't like practitioners taking advantage of desperate people.  

If it seems strange that I took him out to eat, we were not fasting this day.    

He is indeed walking.  He said 48 days of Dry Fasting was better than 7 years of other treatments he tried.  

He did the Fruitarian Lifestyle for awhile (see Raw Food Center), but that only got him 20% better.  You eventually plateau on this lifestyle, so you need to go to a higher healing method then, and this is it. 

Plus, eating fruit all time turns you into a bathroom machine.  If you can't walk, this is not good.  My recommendation is to eat fruit when you allow yourself to eat again.  This is because it creates no mucus or inflammation, and it is the food that is easiest to digest....and it is the food that has the highest energy.


Congratulations on thinking about doing this

Your body will thank you